The automated way to boost satisfaction, understand your customers, and propel your growth.

You’ve dabbled with conversion rate optimisation, and found your conversion rate stayed more or less the same. You’ve run the occasional customer survey, and had mixed results. You’ve spent thousands of hours on acquiring new customers. And maybe thousands on sending them emails to try and bring them back. But… it still feels like there’s something holding you back from achieving sustainable growth.

Achieving Growth.

Grow your revenue. Increase new customers. Build a higher repeat purchase rate. Fix vital problems in real time. Rescue VIPs. Get to actually know your customers. And… boost word of mouth.

All goals of smart online businesses, and all possible through building an automated, actionable customer measurement & feedback system.

But it’s not easy to build such a system: We know, it took us experience working with more than 100 online businesses to find out.

The Crucial Information You Need to Grow

It sounds simple, but there’s crucial data missing from the fingertips of most people working within ecommerce companies & online businesses. Do you know which are your most valuable customers? Can you spot when they’ve had a poor experience, and step in to rescue them? Can you visualise the problems that cause 50% of your new customers never to buy again?

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is useful, but it’s not usually in the best format to action. When most of us think about customer feedback, we think about popups gathering anonymous data. We think about surveys with 1% response rates. We think of customers saying they don’t like the logo.

We’ve built a different system. We only gather feedback from customers at the most crucial points in their journey. We categorise it, by theme, and by customer value. Feedback from a top 10 customer who’s been with you for years is completely different to feedback from someone who’s just bought a cheaper product as a one off. And we make that feedback available to you in a form that helps you actually use that – whether that’s through automatically opening a customer support ticket when we spot a VIP who’s unhappy, through to emailing a regular mix of feedback to your product team to build their customer intuition day by day.

Transactional Data

How do you prioritise insights from 10,000 customers? Or 1,000,000? Or simply from 100? Many customer insight tools can’t help with that. Satalytics tracks the transactional value of every customer, across their lifetime.

Such a simple tweak, but it’s absolutely crucial if you want to ‘rescue’ VIPs who’ve spent tens of thousands with you, but are suddenly happy; or if you want to spot those ‘ultra high potential’ new customers who could become your biggest customer of all over the next few years. We pool together transactional data with satisfaction data & customer feedback to provide the ideal pot of knowledge to grow your business.

Satisfaction Data

We use NPS (Net Promoter Score), but with a few crucial differences. We know some are critical of NPS, but we’ve built on it to the point we’ve seen millions of transactions, and measured the additional loyalty built when the information is actually used. We know it’s common to see low response rates of 2-5%, but our satisfaction measurement regularly gets response rates of 50% and above.

By maximising that response rate, we can also spot trends like: Days where satisfaction measurably dips due to a bad product rollout; VIPs who’ve gone from being happy 100% of the time buying on desktop, to suddenly saying they’d never recommend you after a purchase on a phone; Trends that indicate something’s wrong with a particular product line, or with a particular payment method, or a particular fulfilment partner.

Customer Satisfaction is what it’s all about but, whereas many pay lip service to it, Satalytics gives you the tools to actually achieve it.

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