For Ecommerce Companies Who Care About Their Customers

Most ecommerce companies want to increase conversion, grow their sales, and find more customers like their best customers. But most processes and tools aren't geared toward this, and ``Customer Insight`` projects often cost thousands, without delivering ROI.

Satalytics is the tool that changes that: We automatically gather purchase data, measure satisfaction, and collect customer feedback, showing you in realtime where high value customers are unhappy, where conversion improvements will unlock growth, and how to push your business forward through Customer Satisfaction.

How Satalytics Works

When any customer orders:

We gather a satisfaction score. We beat the industry average by more than double, with a 50-70% response rate, and join this data with their purchase history.

After you've delivered...

Once you’ve delivered your products & service, we automatically gather satisfaction data again, and match that back to the original order & customer purchase history.

At every step...

We gather feedback automatically, process its sentiment, using machine learning, benchmark satisfaction, and show you customer risks in real time,

The Results

Our customers use our insights to fix major customer satisfaction issues, rescue unhappy customers before they churn, and measure the improvements to their business.


Carl Hendy
Ecommerce Consultant

"I have been using Satalytics from beta and the feedback from customers goes beyond Google Analytics data and allows clients to use customer feedback to make improvements to their website which improves online conversion and revenue."

Will Wynne
CEO, Arena Flowers

"We've used Satalytics to tweak and fix any number of issues that were previously unknown. It has tonnes of thoughtful little features and automations. Our satisfaction scores are at record highs as a consequence."

Key Features & Benefits

When we ask customers ``What's the main benefit of using Satalytics?`` the answers vary. Here's a handful of features & benefits we provide to Ecommerce sites.

Measure Satisfaction

We automatically gather satisfaction data when customers buy from you online. We follow up after you’ve delivered your products or service.

» Measuring Satisfaction
Build Loyalty

We give you the data, at your fingertips, to understand whether a customer is likely to buy from you again, so that you can nurture your VIPs and rescue unhappy buyers.

» Boost Ecommerce Loyalty
Understand Customers

Satalytics merges together every piece of satisfaction data we gather with customer purchase history, feedback, and any social data we can gather.

» Understand Customers
Increase Conversion

Is your user journey strong enough to turn a site visitor into a first time customer? Are customers satisfied enough to buy again? Satalytics helps with both core factors affecting your conversion rates.

» Increase Conversion
Boost Word of Mouth

With single customer view, automated share nudges, and vital feedback, Satalytics helps you boost word of mouth & find more customers like your best customers.

» Boosting Word of Mouth
NPS With a Difference

We use Net Promoter Score, the world's most trusted satisfaction measure. But... we also gather the ‘why’ behind scores, enabling you to spot trends & put in place fixes to address them.

» NPS With a Difference
Customer Intuition

In physical retail, staff get to know customers intimately, recognising what they buy, when they buy, why they buy, what they like, and (importantly) what they don't like. Satalytics fills this gap for ecommerce retailers by drip-feeding customer insight to as many staff as you like.

» Customer Intuition
Feedback & Sentiment

Satalytics provides you with realtime feedback, direct from customers. We tally this with satisfaction data, and purchase history, and use machine learning to highlight the strongest comments, both positive and negative.

» Feedback & Sentiment Analysis
Actionable Realtime Data

One of the big complaints about realtime data is it's not ``actionable``. We offer you instant data about customers at the moment they're unhappy, allowing your team to reach out instantly and patch up relationships.

» Actionable Realtime Data
Become Customer Centric

Most businesses aim to be ”Customer Centric”. We provide the tools to achieve it. We automatically gather & merge together 3 crucial data sets, to give you the single customer view you need to help deliver the best experience possible. We’re used by Ecommerce companies, & businesses who take bookings online. Our customers are Digital & Marketing teams, Customer Service teams, CEOs & executives. They use Satalytics to build satisfaction, increase conversion and loyalty, and find more customers like their best customers.