The founders of Satalytics have worked with more than 100 companies across 34 countries to improve their website results. From all of this experience, we recognised there are some ‘silver bullets’ to improving performance.

One of these is something that almost everyone talks about, almost everyone says “that’s really important” if you ask them, but very few carry out systematically: Improving Customer Satisfaction.

Having figured this out, measured it, and helped companies create processes to measure it & improve it, we put this experience to use and built Satalytics.

In a nutshell, Satalytics helps you to:

  1. Measure Customer Satisfaction.
  2. Understand why some customers are unhappy & how that could be improved.
  3. Give you the information you need to ‘rescue’ unhappy customers, keep your most loyal customers, & prioritise changes.
  4. Encourage your happiest customers to spread the word.
  5. Keep measuring, to help you understand the impact of changes you make, and to spot problems the moment they occur.

Satalytics is used by Ecommerce teams, Marketing teams, Customer service teams, and CEOs & executives within businesses.

If you’d like to hear more, do get in touch…