Customer Centric Ecommerce

Most businesses aim to be ”Customer Centric”. Satalytics provides you with the tools to achieve it.

We automatically gather & merge together 3 crucial data sets, to help you deliver the best possible customer experience:

  1. Customer satisfaction data.
  2. Transactional data.
  3. Customer feedback.


Any one of those pieces of data is useful, 2 together are very powerful, all 3 allow you to answer many more questions and make much greater improvement than 2 alone. For example:

  • Satisfaction data: A customer said there’s a 4/10 likelihood they would recommend your company to a friend. (not satisfied)
  • Transactional data: They’ve spent £3,500 with you over their customer lifetime. (an important customer)
  • Customer feedback: They used to be a very happy with you, but their last 2 deliveries were late and the person they spoke to on the phone was unhelpful. (ie. there is a chance you fix the problem, and regain their trust and loyalty)

Who uses Satalytics?

Our customers are Digital & Marketing teams, Customer Service teams, CEOs & executives. They use Satalytics to build satisfaction, increase conversion and loyalty, and find more customers like their best customers.

We’re used by Ecommerce companies, & businesses who take bookings online. Whether you sell boxed goods, or services, or hotel rooms, or digital products, Satalytics can help you reap the rewards of customer-centricity.