Actionable Realtime Data for Ecommerce Companies

Satalytics provides realtime data for Ecommerce companies, highlighting satisfaction issues, allowing you to fix problems for your most valuable customers at the point they occur.

Realtime Satisfaction

We join together satisfaction data, customer feedback, and customer purchase history to give you a complete picture of your customers, their happiness, and their value to you.



Realtime Data is useful for many reasons, but two of the areas we hear the most positive feedback from Satalytics customers are:

Reason 1: Realtime Data & Intuition

Realtime Data helps build intuition. Just like in a physical store, where you get to see customers flow in through the door, they give away a couple of bits of information as they checkout, and you get to see them flow out again, Satalytics gives you data as and when it matters to customers. Over time, this builds your intuition and allows you and your team to make decisions based on real knowledge of your customers, their wishes, their likes, their dislikes.

Reason 2: Realtime Data & The Ability to Improve Customers’ Lives

It’s interesting to see the big revenue number at the end of the day in Google Analytics. It’s also interesting to spot a very large order as it happens in Satalytics, take a look and see that customer has bought from you 13 times, and that they had an issue with their last order, and that usually buy twice a month but this order comes after a gap of a few months.

While the first example is interesting, the second example allows you to take action: reach out to the customer to apologise for the issue; read their feedback and understand how you can fix the problem before it happens to other customers; add an extra item to their order, or send them a small ‘sorry & thanks for sticking with us’ card.

When our clients first turn on Satalytics, they often find interesting things they had no idea about, many of which can be fixed immediately for individual customers, and patched completely for every future customer.

  • A voucher code included in a high volume email that just went out isn’t working, and customers are frustratedly placing orders yet feeling ripped off.
  • An important customer sat on hold for 30 minutes, and then had to deal with a very rude customer service experience. They’re placing this order because they need the item, but they say they shan’t buy from you again.
  • PayPal hasn’t worked on mobile for 3 months and nobody noticed, until a customer frustratedly left the comment as feedback & Satalytics automatically opened up a ticket for customer support.
  • A courier company habitually leaves items in insecure places.
  • The website is freezing at the payment stage.

These are just a handful of genuine ‘realtime’ issues that Satalytics customers have been notified about & fixed, saving money, and improving their own customers’ lives.


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