Automated Customer Satisfaction Reports

Becoming ‘customer centric’ is an ambiguous task:

  • What does it mean to your business?
  • Which processes are useful to move toward customer centricity?
  • How can you lead a business toward customer-centricity, when all your staff need to focus on their day jobs?

Taking our experience across dozens of ecommerce businesses, Satalytics uses a set of automated email reports to help push this process along. At their core, these reports provide a snapshot view of customer satisfaction (each day, or each week), along with detail of highest value customers, most loyal customers, and glimpses of customer feedbac

Customer Satisfaction Reports by Email

These reports generally break down:

  • Performance (number of transactions, split of new vs returning)
  • Satisfaction breakdown.
  • Feedback snapshots: on user journey, and on delivery/product/service.
  • Selected data on interesting transactions: High value transactions, particularly loyal customers, and more.
  • Ability to drill down further at any point.

Many of our customers use these emails day after day after day to build intuition with their own customers, make sure their teams fix any issues for high value unhappy customers instantly, and incrementally improve satisfaction over time.