Customer Intuition

Who are your most frequent customers? How often do they order? Do they have common gripes?


In physical retail, staff get to know customers intimately, recognising what they buy, when they buy, why they buy, what they like, and (importantly) what they don’t like. Satalytics fills this gap for ecommerce retailers by drip-feeding customer insight to as many staff as you like.

Ironically, online, it’s more important to understand your customers. On the high street, a customer may habitually visit your store because it’s near geographically; Online, your competitors are simply a couple of clicks away.

In some companies, customer data never really sees the light of day. In some, the customer information there, but it’s siloed in particular departments: BI have a good idea of the transactional side of customer behaviour; Customer Support have a decent idea of the qualitative side, but the marketing, buying, merchandising, sales, and product teams are detatched. And, in some, customer data exists, but it sits there waiting for employees to go and find it.

Satalytics gathers useful data about your customers. Our dashboards and reports highlight the most important elements, allowing you to pick out info to help you understand and build your company around your customers.

Drip Feeding Customer Insights

Many of our clients end up setting our automated daily/weekly email summaries to their entire teams, dripfeeding information daily about customers to all of their staff, in a way that helps build intuition and empathy with customers, and means their needs and wishes are always taken into account, and your marketing, UX, customer support, buying, and other teams make decisions every day that improve relationships with your customers.

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