Ecommerce Conversion Optimisation

“Conversion Optimisation” is one of an area that’s important for most companies selling online, and is one of the prime reasons some brands and agencies use Satalytics. We asked a group of Satalytics customers how and why they use Satalytics to help with conversion – these were the 7 areas their answers covered:

1. New Customers

Most articles related to conversion optimisation talk about all visitors to your site as if they’re the same. What is the likelihood any visitor will turn into a buyer? In reality, your visitors are each different.

One very important visitor type for most ecommerce companies is the ‘new visitor’. Most businesses spend a lot of money trying to attract new customers – spending money Google AdWords, Facebook, Affiliate Marketing, big brand campaigns, all designed to bring new visitors with the aim of turning them into customers.

From a conversion point of view, a key consideration is therefore: Is your user journey strong enough to turn a site visitor into a first time customer?

Satalytics provides you with insights & data to help that. We break out satisfaction scores specifically for New Customers, allowing you to see whether someone new to your brand is as satisfied as a returning customer. You can also view all the feedback Satalytics gathers specific to New Customers. Are there specific niggles that confuse people new to the site? Do they have ease finding the products they’re looking for? What are the issues that could be ironed out to increase the likelihood other new visitors will turn into customers?

2. Returning Customers

Are your customers satisfied enough to remember you positively & buy again? If you bring 1000 previous customers who highly trust you back to your site, you’re more likely to make sales than bringing 1000 customers who had a mediocre experience previously.

Satalytics helps improve the probability that customers will have a positive experience, and that if they don’t, you get the information to fix the relationship and convert them to happier customers increasing the likelihood they stick with you.

3. Feedback on Individual Issues

“Conversion” may be improved across the board: changes to your checkout, highlighting your USPs in a way that resonates better with customers. It can also be improved one customer at a time:

  • A customer had a really poor delivery experience.
  • You charged a customer twice, accidentally, and did not notice.
  • A voucher code did not work.

There are hundreds of small issues like this, occurring every day, across ecommerce sites. Satalytics pinpoints them, and links them to individual customers, allowing you to resolve the errors that stop valuable customers from purchasing from you again or recommending you to others.

4. Revealing Persistent Patterns

Satalytics helps you spot patterns among your customers’ issues. Our customers often set up regular processes to work through these, removing any persistent issues to ensure customers can purchase smoothly, boosting conversion with every improvement.

5. Boosting Advocacy

Satalytics automatically gathers customer satisfaction data. Where we spot happy customers, we nudge them to share.

Our customers gain hundreds of shares & recommendations they otherwise would not receive, without any additional effort.

6. Providing Process

Many companies have the will to improve conversion day-by-day, and week-by-week. By centring this around customer satisfaction, with regular automated reporting, Satalytics allows you to bring process to the conversion optimisation process, without simply centring it around A/B tests that may or may not deliver a result.

7. Customer Centricity

Satalytics is the first tool in the world designed to bring Customer Centricity to Ecommerce. We do this by bringing together three crucial sets of data, allowing you to put your customers’ purchase behaviour, satisfaction behaviour, and feedback at the centre of your teams’ work.

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