Ecommerce Customer Satisfaction

Satalytics is the world’s only tool dedicated to Ecommerce Customer Satisfaction.

Satalytics automatically measures your customers’ satisfaction levels, and provides you with an ongoing benchmark of overall satisfaction, as well as data on the happiness of individual customers. We’ve used many, many tools ourselves to do this in the past, and none quite met the needs of ecommerce businesses. On the basis of all that experience, and a lot of testing, we built Satalytics to automatically gather satisfaction data from 50-70% of your customers.


Why Measure Satisfaction?

From Apple to Ebay to Porsche, many of the world’s leading companies systematically measure customer satisfaction to avoid costly customer experience issues, to grow their business further through loyalty and recommendations, and to maintain their competitive advantage in very crowded industries.

For ecommerce companies, where every competitor is just a click away, your biggest advantages are your brand, your customer experience, and fulfilling your customers’ expectations as positively as possible. Using conventional web analytics tools it’s impossible to understand where you stand on any of those measures. Measuring satisfaction gives you a proxy to understand your performance in these vital areas.

Why Satalytics?

We automatically measure satisfaction, with higher response rates than any other tool. We combine that data with customer feedback & purchase history to give you a complete view of your customers’ value and their likelihood to stay with you and recommend you to others.

We’re the world’s only tool dedicated to Ecommerce Customer Satisfaction.

How We Measure Satisfaction

1. We automatically gather satisfaction data when customers buy from you online.

2. We follow up after you’ve delivered your products or service.

3. Typical survey tools manage to gather satisfaction data from 20-30% of customers. Through testing, optimisation, and user experience improvements, we’ve optimised to the point we regularly reach 50-70% response rate.

We present all of that back to you via a series of realtime dashboards, reports, and automated emails. These allow you to understand satisfaction levels across all of your customers, for any period, and to drill down right to individual customer level to understand and fix the issues holding your business back.


We handle everything in real time so, the second a customer leaves a satisfaction score, we join that data with purchase history, and any prior feedback or previous satisfaction scores.

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