Feedback & Sentiment Analysis

Customer Feedback & Sentiment Analysis are two of the most valuable tools Ecommerce sites can use. These are the cornerstones of Satalytics.

Satalytics automatically gathers feedback from your customers. You can choose whether to ask every customer for feedback, or simply those who’ve indicated they have an issue that needs fixing. You can also choose whether to gather this at the point of purchase, or after delivery, or both. And… we also join that data with your customers’ purchase history, to give you a complete view of how happy your customers are, how valuable they are to you, and feedback on why they’re happy/areas you could improve/issues they’ve faced, and much more.

Whereas product review tools offer a little snapshot into individual products, Satalytics helps you to gain insight into your customers, your user journey, your purchase experience, and offers you the tools to maximise on that insight.

Quick Summaries

Each of the reports in Satalytics offers a simple summary showing how much feedback you’ve received, whether it’s positive/negative, breakdown by device, and breakdown by point within the customer journey. All of this is tied back to individual customers, and you can jump into deeper detail at any point.

Machine Learned, Multi-Lingual Sentiment Analysis

Every piece of feedback we gather runs through the Satalytics Sentiment Analysis tool. This uses machine learning algorithms to understand whether customers appear to be happy, unhappy, angry, or simply neutral. Even when you receive very high volumes of feedback, you can quickly drill down to the ‘most happy’ or ‘least happy’ responses to prioritise fixes quickly or gather information for testimonials.


Some of our customers  use this data every day – to fix issues for their highest value customers. Some use it once a week, or once a month, to mine all feedback and fix pattern problems that hold back their conversion rates and repeat order rates.

Sentiment analysis is available in English, German, and French. We’re launching several new languages in the coming months, so get in touch if you need others and we can fast-track your language.

Feedback Explorer

Feedback at a customer level is great, but being able to explore feedback by topic is also useful. We automatically categorise topics within feedback, grouping together items via our machine learning algorithms. This allows you to look at feedback in any period, see the most frequently mentioned topics, and drill in to see all feedback within that topical area.

As with all of our reports, you can drill in even further here: Simply click a piece of feedback to see when it was received, on which device, whether the customer was new/repeat, which items they bought and more. Drill further still from there to see the customer’s full purchase history, feedback history, and any notes saved against their profile.

Even More Features

We understand the power of Customer Feedback, and want to make it as usable as possible for every Satalytics user. Along with the above features, we offer many, many more, including:

  • Feedback by device
  • Feedback by New customers vs Repeat customers
  • Feedback from happy customers (promoters), passive customers, and unhappy customers (detractors)
  • Complete purchase history alongside feedback, to understand how long a particular customer has been with you, or how much they’ve spent
  • Automatic triggering of support tickets based on feedback
  • Automated daily or weekly emails summarising the most interesting/useful pieces of feedback
  • Multi-lingual sentiment analysis
  • Customer Notes, allowing you to note any follow-up or contextual info
  • Feedback exploration options: Our topical ‘feedback explorer’, plus clouds to visualise most popular topics.

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