Understand Customers

Ecommerce has many advantages over other models of retail. One of the areas it lacks is understanding your individual customers.

Satalytics combines together three important pools of data to help your Ecommerce business understand customers, and grow as a result.

The crucial data to understand your customers?

Satalytics automatically gathers your customers’ transactional data, joining it together at a customer level, across mobile, desktop, and tablet. We also measure your customers’ satisfaction levels alongside that – both at point of purchase, and after each delivery. And Satalytics automatically gathers customer feedback, runs sentiment analysis on this, and groups together feedback by topical area.

Pulling these 3 areas of data together may be a job you’d pay a consultancy tens of thousands to achieve. Satalytics builds it all into one simple-to-use tool, offering reporting, dashboards, exploration tools, and automated email reports highlighting the most useful data.

Customer Insight

Every piece of data Satalytics gathers is summarised at a high level:

Simple Summaries

We break this down to the next level, showing you how many purchases you’ve had, where feedback is available, whether customers were happy, or unhappy…

Patterns among customers’ thoughts

Where we gather feedback from your customers, we let you browse it by topical area, exploring the issues that are most important to your customers, or most important to fix.

Customer-Level Data

And… Satalytics allows you to drill down to individual customers, seeing their complete lifetime spend, purchase history, which products they purchase, when they purchased, their satisfaction levels, any feedback provided, and any notes stored by members of your team historically.

All joined together, this provides you a unique picture of your overall customer satisfaction, right from the top level, the patterns among your customers that make them happier/less happy with your products and services, right down to unique insights at an individual customer level.

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