User Journey Satisfaction

Ecommerce User Journey Measurement

Most ecommerce companies spend a good amount of effort on User Experience, and their on-site User Journey. Despite this effort, many still find themselves asking simple questions they can’t answer:

  • “Are our customers happy with our online experience?”
  • “Is all that marketing money we’re spending bringing customers who are likely to buy again, or just one off purchasers? What could we do to improve that?”
  • “We have tons of ideas, and we know all the best practice stuff, but which are the niggles in our purchase journey that genuinely affect our conversion rates?”
  • “Which are the missing elements our customers are looking for?”
  • “We’re mobile now, but is our mobile experience better or worse than desktop?”

Satalytics automatically tracks whether customers are satisfied by your user journey, providing answers to the above and more. We join this satisfaction data with feedback from customers, along with their purchase history, to help improve your conversion rates, your retention rates, and your overall customer satisfaction levels.