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Satalytics helps you measure & improve satisfaction, one customer at a time, to find new customers like your best customers, to spot & solve customer satisfaction problems you wouldn’t normally see, and more. Get in touch today to find out more.

Marketing & Digital Teams

  • Gather information to improve customer experience, conversion, and loyalty.
  • React to technical issues as & when they occur.
  • Make sure details of issues reach you, rather than social media.
  • Build intuition: Who are our customers, what do they want, are we delivering?

Customer Service Teams

  • Respond to specific issues & complaints that normally go unseen.
  • Reach out to customers with very bad experiences, to fix loyalty risks.
  • Reach out to influential, high value, and very positive customers to grow key relationships.

CEOs & Other Executives

  • Keep an eye on overall customer satisfaction levels.
  • Monitor other KPIs in a high-level dashboard.
  • Ask “what’s the feedback like from our most important customers?“
  • Gain transparency: direct feedback from customers, instantly visible.