Measure Customer Satisfaction

Most businesses recognise that customer satisfaction & customer experience are important. Very few make it through the levels of customer satisfaction maturity through to the point where they systematically measure & improve satisfaction.

Hierarchy of Satisfaction

Satalytics is designed to automatically measure satisfaction for any business that takes orders or bookings online, and to give you the tools to understand and improve on the factors holding you back.

This measurement includes:

  • A realtime dashboard of most recent orders, breaking down value & satisfaction.
  • NPS scores for today, yesterday, the last 7 days, to track your current performance.
  • Satisfaction trends over a longer period to visualise your long term growth.
  • Satisfaction scoring at an individual customer level (across devices).
  • Satisfaction scoring at an individual transaction level, giving you the ability to spot one-off issues and understand patterns.

The Realtime Dashboard

Satalytics includes multiple reports to measure & improve satisfaction. As just one example, the realtime dashboard gives an excellent topline view of what’s happening¬†now,¬†along with tools to drill in and fix problems immediately.

The Satalytics Realtime Dashboard