Understanding “Why?”

Web analytics tools may tell you how many times people visit your site, and what they buy. CRM systems may tell you how many times customers purchase, how regularly, and how much they spend in total. But these systems often don’t answer the “why” behind these behaviours:

  • Why do some of your customers buy from you again & again, while others with a very similar profile only buy once?
  • Who are your most loyal customers, and what do they value most from you?
  • What are the service issues that affect your regular customers?
  • Why do your customers hesitate to recommend you to their friends, families, and colleagues?
  • Why does your service fully satisfy some customers, yet totally dissatisfy others?

Satalytics measures customer satisfaction at an overall level, and at an individual customer level. Alongside this, it gives you the “why” behind the numbers.

That may sound basic, but it means suddenly you hear the answers to questions that can unlock improvements in conversion, repeat purchase, and above those customer satisfaction and customer value.

Satalytics gives you that information on a customer-by-customer basis, and also helps you to surface patterns that matter to your important customers.

We do that in 2 ways:

  1. We ask each individual customer key questions, automatically, regularly, and systematically. This allows you both to benchmark customers against each other, and to understand where their personal level of satisfaction changes.
  2. We help you to intuitively get to know your customers, the patterns that result in them buying again & again (or not), to browse satisfaction & feedback at a glance, and to drill in & answer key questions.


The information is available to you as a series of constantly updated dashboards and reports, and in regular email summaries to help build your knowledge, and your team’s intuition into your customers.